Bisnakandi সিলেট

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Bichanakandi is a village situated in Rustompur Union under Guainghat Upazilla. Gowainghat is nestled between the Meghalaya hills (INDIA) and the plains of Sylhet. This is where many layers of the Khasi mountain meet at a single point from both sides. There is a high mount groove. The main attraction of this spot for travelers is to plug the flow of water flowing over rocks. Moreover, monsoon vine is stuck in the clouds on the mountain. The mountain may seem cloud lap nesting. A branch of Piyain river from the east side gone through to the bottom of the hill towards Bholaganj. In all a coalition of mountains, rivers, springs, waterfalls, stones and natural beauty of Bisnakandi is a remarkable place. Rainy season is the best time to visit Bisnakandi. Water flowing over the stones gives a unique look. In the rainy season, the site looks spectacular. The dark clouds hug the mountains in the rainy season. Winter is not the suitable time to visit the site. In winter, there will be a lot of stone-laden boats, Lorries, and mechanized mining. Bisnakandi was a stone quarry that is being used for quit some year. Still now it is used as stone quarry. If it continued without any regulation the beauty of Bisnakndi will be in threat.

  • How to go কিভাবে যাবেন You have to go to Sylhet first. You can access Sylhet by Road, Train and Air. There are lots of AC and Non-AC bus service from Dhaka to Sylhet i.e. Shyamoly, Hanif, ENA, Green Line, etc. Cost is BDT.470 - 1200. Available Train is Joyantika (12:00 From Dhaka 08:40 from Sylhet), Upaban (21:50 From Dhaka 22:00 from Sylhet), Kalani (16:00 From Dhaka 07:00 from Sylhet) and Surma (22:50 From Dhaka 18:45 from Sylhet). Cost is From BDT.80 - 1099. Dhaka to Sylhet flight is available daily by Biman, NOVO, US-Bangla and Regent Airlines. Cost is BDT2700 - 6500 (One way) It is 55 kilometers away from Sylhet. From Sylhet you can hire Private vechile (micro / car) or Hire a CNG auto-rickshaw. You will get the autos at the Amberkhana point in Sylhet. It will cost BDT.2,500-3,500 for private vehicle and BDT 600-800 for CNG and take 3-4 hours as road is not so good. After reaching Hadarpar you have to take a boat to reach Bisnakandi. Cost is BDT.1,000 -2,000 depends on the size of the boat and time you spend.
  • Lodging কোথায় থাকবেন You can Stay Sylhet to visit Bisnakandi. There are different types of Hotel and Motel in Sylhet with all facilities. You can choose your hotel as per facilities and Budget. Cost is BDT.500 – 20,000. The nearest hotels are located at Gowainghat. Hotel Al-Madinah and Nannu Mia Hotel. Cost is BDT.400 – 2000.
  • Foods কি খাবেন There is a very limited restaurant facility at Bisdnakandi, so it is better to carry food and water. The nearby place is Hadarpar Market. Pakasi Restaurants and Piyain Restaurants are situated there. There are some small tea stall and shop where you can find snacks and water.
  • Must see অব্যশ্যই দেখবেন Major Attraction: Bisnakandi waterfall, Boat ride, Sora (stream from bisnakndi waterfall) and Goain river meeting point. Nearest Tourist Attraction: Pantumai.


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